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Working with VBA in Excel, I've been trying to use Word automation to generate a report based on data in the Excel document. I'm starting with a template of the Word document embedded in the Excel.

Everything works fine on my own machine (Office 2007), but doesn't work correctly on the client's which has Excel 2007 and Word 2010 (don't ask why!).

The error I got on his computer was "cannot start the source application for this object" when I call verb on the OLE object. Various other automation errors also cropped up as I tried to find a solution/workaround.

What I want to know is, how should you correctly start up an embedded Word document from inside Excel? Is there a way to do this reliably? Here's my attempt that works, but feels dirty:

Dim oWS As Worksheet ' Worksheet Object

Dim owD As Document ' Word Document Object (Use Microsoft Word Reference)

Dim wordApp As Word.Application

On Error Resume Next 'Try for a running instance
Set wordApp = GetObject(, "Word.application")
On Error GoTo 0
If wordApp Is Nothing Then
    Set wordApp = CreateObject("Word.application")
End If

Set oWS = Workbooks(ThisWorkbook.Name).Sheets("Word Template")

On Error GoTo verbFailed
oWS.Shapes("Report Template").OLEFormat.Verb xlVerbOpen
On Error GoTo 0
Set owD = oWS.OLEObjects(1).Object

'Use the owD object to make a report...

Exit Sub


If MsgBox("Starting Word failed", vbRetryCancel) = vbRetry Then
End If
Exit Sub

The strange thing is that it fails when I first call verb, but then when you use Retry on the message box, Word does start and everything is fine.

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what is the message box that appears that you can Retry on? –  SeanC Aug 9 '12 at 14:11
@SeanCheshire Probably this line in the code: If MsgBox("Starting Word failed", vbRetryCancel) = vbRetry Then –  Andrew Leach Aug 9 '12 at 16:07

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