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I want to display files' data in a tableview . Files are stored in a directory. I want to display in the tableview : the icon , name , size and the date of the files. Thanks to NSFileManger , I found how to display directory's content ,but I can't display the properties as I want. Do you have any suggestion of how does it work , idea , tutorial? thanks

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Once you get the content of the directory, call NSFileManger's attributesOfItemAtPath:error: method on the path of each file. The method returns an NSDictionary of file attributes of each particular file. Grab the attributes that you want using their keys - NSFileType, NSFileSize, NSFileModificationDate, and so on; all keys are listed in the documentation. This will give you everything except the icon, for which you need to use NSWorkspace's iconForFile: method.

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thank you :)that helped me –  Wael Aug 10 '12 at 8:17

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