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I am working on a website using JSP and Servlets. Instead of having a database, I want to have an XML file on my server. I want to save the information the user gives in the XML file within my project, which is saved under How can I define such a path in my code?

My Servlet is under Project/src/servletPackage/myServlet.java and the XML file is currently under Project/WebContent/file.xml. The path should NOT be such as: C:/eclispe/workspace/Project/WebContent/file.xml

This does work but only when the webpage is accessed from the main computer. On other computers, it creates a directory on the user's computer

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creates a directory on the user's computer? This is a bit strange. Can you provide some code? –  Nivas Aug 9 '12 at 14:24
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I want to save the information the user gives in the XML file within my project

If that is what you want to do, then use

File infoFile = new File(getServletContext().getRealPath("/file.xml"));
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You can use a classloader to access resources stored in your application classpath. You can put your xml in WEB-INF/classes or other folder configured in your server as part of your classpath and use the method classLoader.getResourceAsStream to obtain an Inputflow to read the file.

Here's and example of how to load a properties file this way.

Notice that this solution only works if your servlet is deployed in one servler, if you work ni a cluster or multi-server enviroment these files will not be shared by servers.

If you need to share the files, put them in a shared folder and to avoid to hardcoding the absolute path in your code, use a servlet init parameter to point to the root of your storage folder, something like this.


        <param-name> storagefolder</param-name>

Hope this help.

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You can place the XML in the classpath of your project and access to it as a ResourceStream. In eclipse, an easy way to do this is creating a package in your source code folder and adding there the file(s) you need:

+ src
  + com.mycompany.bean
    - Bean1.java
    - Bean2.java
  + xml
    - file.xml

Accessing the file from Bean1 class

public class Bean1 {

    public void accessResourceFile() {
        InputStream xmlFile = Bean1.getClass().getResourceAsStream("xml/file.xml");
        //do what you want/need with the file...

Another example:

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The poster wants to save to the XML. If the generated classes and resources are bundled as a jar they are write-only. –  Hauke Ingmar Schmidt Aug 9 '12 at 16:29
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