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I have created a preference screen and populated it with java code.

I have created a preference with custom layout (my_pref.xml) which contains a CheckBox, ImageView, ImageButton and TextView. This looks just like CheckBoxPreference with an ImageButton.

How do i implement the method for when the CheckBox is "ticked"?

  PreferenceCategory pr = (PreferenceCategory) findPreference("preference");

          Preference mypref = new Preference(this);

        CheckBox cb = (CheckBox) findViewById(R.id.checkBox); 

I am getting the value of cb = null.

Any help is appreciated.

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SharedPreferences prefs = PreferenceManager .getDefaultSharedPreferences(PreferenceDemoActivity.this);     
boolean checkBox = prefs.getBoolean("checkBox", false);    
builder.append("Keep me logged in: " + String.valueOf(checkBox) + "\n");    


see this one http://androidresearch.wordpress.com/tag/preferenceactivity/

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