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How am I able to get this using my code from this XML:

<lfm status="ok"><results for="sub bass monster ragga">
<opensearch:Query role="request" searchTerms="sub bass monster ragga" startPage="1"/>   <opensearch:totalResults>2</opensearch:totalResults><opensearch:startIndex>0</opensearch:startIndex><opensearch:itemsPerPage>30</opensearch:itemsPerPage><trackmatches>

$count = $xml->results[0]->opensearch:totalResults  ???
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SimpleXMLElement::children() maybe of help, but please post your complete, or at least well-formed, XML including the namespace definition of opensearch. – Jürgen Thelen Aug 10 '12 at 17:32

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You can't work with documents containing namespaces using SimpleXML.

You need to load your doc with DOMDocument and then use DOMDocument::getElementsByTagNameNS.

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