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I would like to detect if a MongoDB replica set has been initialised yet or not (so I can display an error message to the user like "you forgot to initialise your replica set"). Is it possible to detect if the replica set has been initialised using the Java Mongodb driver? The closest I have found is com.mongodb.Mongo.getReplicaSetStatus() - but I don't think this will tell me if the set is not initialised.

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There is another StackOverflow issue that appears to be the same question - See link below. the way to do this would be to get a list of databases that do exist - From the Java driver you could do something like this on a mongod server running on localhost

Mongo mongo = new Mongo( "", 27017 ); List databaseNames = mongo.getDatabaseNames();

This is equivalent to the mongo shell "show dbs" command.

Check if mongodb database exists?

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Thanks. I'm not quite sure I follow this though; what will "getDatabaseNames()" return if the replicaset is and is not intialised? Could you expand a bit? – lexicalscope Aug 10 '12 at 9:54

This is the command() function you're looking for:

Which gets a String argument.

Note: The 'getReplicaSetStatus' command must be run on the admin database.

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your can directly check the condition :

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