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How do I build in the functionality as demonstrated by the comments?

// for(x=0;x<10;x++)
$('a[attr*="unique"]:first').attr('id', 'mysuperid1');
// delay

// delay

$jq("a:contains(action)").attr('id', 'mysuperid2');
// delay

$('input[value="action"]').attr('id', "mysuperid3");
// delay

// back to the top of loop

(names and select / search terms have been modified)

The problem I think is like the problem found here But I can't figure out how to extrapolate what is taught on that link to contain multiple delays since I'm not a javascript developer.

This is a bot which will automate some web tasks for me.

Many thanks

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look at jQuery's queue – zzzzBov Aug 9 '12 at 14:54
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Perhaps you could use this approach as a template, and then divide all your tasks into their own functions.

var delay = 1000;

function beginTasks(){

function taskOne(){
    // Do something
    }, delay);

function taskTwo(){
    // Do something else
        beginTasks(); // <-- back to start
    }, delay);
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this works! Very nice! thank you! – James Ross Aug 9 '12 at 15:08

You can't do 'sleep' actions in Javascript.

However, you can use the async node module, also available for browsers, which will give you some nice asynchroneous syntax wrappers, to help you dealing with asynchroneous functions such as setTimeout.

Your code should be similar to :

async.whilst( function ( ) {
    /* condition */
}, function ( whilstCallback ) {
    async.series( [
        function ( seriesCallback ) { /* action 1 */ seriesCallback( ); },
        window.setTimeout.bind( window, 1000 ),
        function ( seriesCallback ) { /* action 2 */ seriesCallback( ); },
        window.setTimeout.bind( window, 1000 ),
        /* ... */
    ], whilstCallback );
} );
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