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I'm utilzing HighCharts to do some simple bar charts. The charts sometimes are horizontal bar graphs, and sometimes vertical bar graphs. Is there a way to modify the gradient order and shadow dependant on whether it's horizontal or vertical?

Here's the beginning of my setup in the js:

function buildChart(cType, cTitle, categoriesX, titleY, seriesData1, isPercent) {

var flipLabels = 0,
    labelSpace = 40,
    labelWidth = 160,
    labelHeight = 60,
    labelAlign = 'center',
    labelSize = 12,
    labelSpacingY = 30,
    labelSpacingX = 0,
    yAxisLineColor = null,
    yAxisTitle = '',
    chartWidth = 800, //$('#chart_modal').width(),
    chartHeight = (60 * categoriesX.length) + 150,
    perShapeGradient = {
    gradientBuild = [
        [0, '#6482fb'],
        [1, '#5775df']

Vertical charts look correct, light to dark, with the shadow on the right: Vertical charts look correct

But Horziontal are backwards. Should be light on top. Dark on bottom with the shadow below: Horizontal bar charts are flipped

How do I flip the gradient and the shadow, but only for the horizontal bar charts?

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Actually you are talking about two different chart types. What you are referring to as a horizontal bar chart is simply type: 'bar' in HighCharts. A vertical bar chart is simply type: 'column' in HighCharts. Here are samples on how to control the shading for each type:

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I updated my answer to show how to control the shadow offset width and color. – Linger Aug 10 '12 at 12:40
I'm having trouble getting the shadow to set at all. My series is set via two variables: series:[ { name:titleY, data:seriesData1 } ] When I add on shadow, nothing changes. Any ideas why that would be? – Keefer Aug 10 '12 at 15:50
you have to have <script src=""></script> included in your page – Linger Aug 10 '12 at 19:44

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