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I have a program with two threads, one for a form and one for data processing. I have to add a TabPage with RichTextBox containing rtf text to a TabControl on form. I do the following:

delegate void setObject(Object^);

void TabDataAdd(Object^ page)

TabPage^ page = gcnew TabPage();
page->Name = "tpOpinion";

RichTextBox^ rtbOpinion = gcnew RichTextBox();
String^ s = IO::File::ReadAllText(path);
rtbOpinion->Rtf = s;

this->tabData->Invoke(gcnew setObject(this, &MainForm::TabDataAdd), page);//we're in form

But there is an error when executing delegate code, that tpOpinion is called from thread it isn't created in. I think the problem is in Rtf property, because when I change Text Property everything is OK.

Can anyone explain what is wrong and how to correct it

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You cannot call Controls->Add() from a worker thread. It needs to be done the same way you invoke TabDataAdd(). – Hans Passant Aug 9 '12 at 17:38
It looks like changing Rtf property forces the handle to be created. So RichTextBox is bound to second thread. I moved all TabPage creating code into separate function with CreateControl() Method and Invoke it. And then I do with this TabPage what I want and it seems to work. – user1587877 Aug 10 '12 at 6:21

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