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I have this line

$txt=preg_replace('#\s(\S){1,2}\s#',' ',$txt);

Which i wanted to remove all the single and double character words (a, no, do etc...).

It works, but not perfectly - when i have strings which look like that:

xxxxx a b c d e xxxxx

then my code leaves something like this (every second word that matches, is ommited)

xxxxx b d xxxxx

I understand that preg match sees it like " a ", "b", " c ", "d", " e ", so is there any simple way to fix that? I thought about duplicating every whitespace but maybe someone would have a better idea?

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Add a repeating non-capturing group around the segments that are repeating, like this:

$txt = preg_replace('#(?:\s+\S{1,2})+\s+#',' ',$txt);

I also removed the unnecessary capturing group around \S, since you don't use or need it, and it won't capture correctly when it's repeated.

You can see it working in this demo.

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didn't work, but You gave me a great clue, i repeated space-char-char section and ended it with space and now it goes well. #(\s(\S){1,2})+\s# thanks! –  cyborg86pl Aug 9 '12 at 15:09
@cyborg - That should work, I've updated my answer accordingly, including removing the capturing groups when you don't need them. –  nickb Aug 9 '12 at 15:12
ok, now it's better but i have to stay with my code above, cause while you use special characters like ą ę ż ź ć there is a little mess. thanks for your help –  cyborg86pl Aug 9 '12 at 15:19

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