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I'm currently considering taking a deep dive into either Django or Rails, but with a strong focus on ecommerce, and I really want some well coded and well documented open-source ecommerce solutions based on one of these, to both use as a foundation and learn by dissectiong their code bases. After a quick survey, I've found nothing that seems even close to Spree (Rails based) in the Python/Django world (here the best I've found seem to be LFS and Satchless and the older Satchmo with some disappointing comments about it's "code quality").

So, the question: is there anything close to Spree in the Python/Django world, considering both code quality, documentation and "completeness" or "how much do I need to code around it to get to a production site"? (...and I'm not completely Django focused, but if it's not Django, I'd rather go with something lightweight like Flask than have anything to do with Zope/Plone related technologies)

Note: I have more of a Python background and a tendency to prefer Python as a language for a lot of reasons, but the Rails ecosystem just seems much richer... so I might end up using Rails/Ruby for web/ecommerce and Python for other types of work... sigh :(

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One shouldnt reinvent the wheel, but programming your own solution mabye is the best. This book could be a good point to start with django-ecommerce.blogspot.de. –  Jingo Aug 9 '12 at 16:25
@ChrisPratt I know, but this is not a "what's the best (subjectively)" type of q, but more of a "what are the Spree-like alternatives for the Django/Python world", which can have a pretty precise enumerative answer. Yes, there's Google, but I already went through the top results, and finding things about "code quality" and "documentation quality" for projects listed on a search without going through all of them and setting them up and all is not really feasible, that's why I'm asking the q hoping maybe to even get answers directly from the programmers involved with these open-source projects. –  NeuronQ Aug 9 '12 at 20:54
@Jingo thanks, it seems a bit dated (2009) but I'm taking a look at it... –  NeuronQ Aug 9 '12 at 20:56
The best someone can do is tell you this and that exist, which is information you can gather from Google, making the question inappropriate. Anything above and beyond that is subjective opinion (this one is great because..., That one sucks because...) and we end up with a discussion thread instead of a Q&A site. Questions must be able to be answered, that means being able to definitively mark somethign as THE answer, which can't be done with opinion. –  Chris Pratt Aug 9 '12 at 21:13