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I created a user using the useradd command. I'm attempting to give user2 (newly created) access to user1's folder. I added user2 to the same group as user1 (using usermod -g), but when I attempt to change the home directory or open the directory, I get a "permission denied" message. This is my first attempt in trying this, so I assume I'm missing a step. What do I need to do to change a user's home directory and gain permissions?

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Groups are only an "abstract concept" for create a set of permissions on a certain resource.
If you want to give user2 read permission above user1 home directory, and if you want to do this with groups, you have also to give at the whole group the +x permission on that directory.

So, you could do something like this: chmod g+x /homeDirectoryOfUserA

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user2 needs at least execute (x) permission on all parent folders of the folder that you want to allow access to.

Read (r) isn't necessary; that would also allow the user to list those folders. So to open /home/user1/x, the permissions must be at least:

*****x*** /home
***--x--- /home/user1
***r*x--- /home/user1/folder

Legend: * can be anything, - means "not set"

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You have to assign user2 to the group that owns the directory. If you run ls -l you will see the following format user:group. That's the owner of the directory/file. Make sure user2 is a member of that group. Then you will need to make sure the group has the necessary permissions. You can do this by running chmod 775. That will give the owner and group members full access, and everyone else read access.

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