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I'm trying to create an on event action, that can be reused for a number of objects. To achieve this I'm storing the name of the target object in the Tag property. So on event this is triggered:

private void ShowDeleteButton(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e)
    Duration TimeToTake = new Duration(new TimeSpan(0,0,0,0,300));
    DoubleAnimation ShowButton = new DoubleAnimation(0, 104, TimeToTake);
    DoubleAnimation HideButton = new DoubleAnimation(104, 0, TimeToTake);
    (sender as Rectangle).Tag.BeginAnimation(Button.WidthProperty, ShowButton);

Obviously using (sender as button).Tag as the name for the object will not work. So how can I convert the tag property to work as a reference for the target object?

Note this is WPF


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For WPF, use FindName:

var oControl = this.FindName((string)(sender as Button).Tag);
if (oControl != null)

For WinForms, you can find the control by the name that is stored in the Tag:


var aoControls = this.Controls.Find((string)(sender as Button).Tag, true);
if ((aoControls != null) && (aoControls.Length != 0))
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Do you refer to UIElement.BeginAnimation and that sender can be any UIElement? If so, then you could simply do:

((UiElement)sender).BeginAnimation(Button.WidthProperty, ShowButton);
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