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I can easily add a fill on the element (<path fill="#FF0000">), but my problem is, that it is not always a path element, it can also be <rect>, <ellipse> and so on.

but what if i want to change the color of all the elements in the svg file? no matter what type it is?

My solutions:

  • Find all elements that support the fill attribute, and then loop through them.

  • Just to put a fill tag on everything, not matter what tag, but not all tags support it, and wont that cause problems?

I don't like any of these solutions... The first is not dynamic, and the other is not dynamic is dirty¨

Is there something smarter i can do here? can i define a global color or something? Or does svg.codeplex have some functionality that i can use (which i can't find)?

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Use css to set the colours. If you remove the fill styles from the elements themselves then you can just add

<style type="text/css">
    * {
      fill: #FF0000;

or alternatively in an external stylesheet and everything that accepts a fill colour will be red. You can manipulate the styles using document.styleSheets[1]

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Thanks. But the thing is. I need to do it on the server. But doest this css code do the same as my seccond dirty solution? –  BjarkeCK Aug 9 '12 at 17:08
So create the style element on the server with whatever fill you want in it. –  Robert Longson Aug 9 '12 at 18:29
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Have you tried XPath? (using System.Xml.XPath)

string newColor = "#123456";
XElement root = XElement.Load(file);
var colors = root.XPathSelectElements("//*[@fill]");
foreach(XElement node in colors)
    node.Attribute("fill").Value = newColor;

PS this is an answer to your first bullet.

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