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How to effectively debug callstack exceeded exceptions or "only happens sometimes and seemingly random exceptions" in Emberjs / js? I developed a bunch of debugging tactics in the past year learning JavaScript but the callstack exceeded one is especially annoying.

Debugging tactics

  • read the Emberjs source. do NOT use the minified Emberjs lib during development, the normal one contains assert statements helping you find errors. Knowing how something works helps A LOT.
  • console.log(this/variable) Now you can see the details about the object your are using, and see what's available in them.

  • place debugger statements

  • update to the latest emberjs.
  • watch debugging emberjs
  • use jslint while coding, to avoid common pitfalls
  • learn from your mistakes and refactor your code so the same type of error does not occur again.
  • put var before all your variables preventing them to become global and avoid name collisions which are very hard to debug.

  • learn to analyze the callstack.

  • learn to put the Browser debugger in break on error. You can do that by making the break button in the JavaScript console purple.

  • use the ObserveBefore() in combination with debugger statement to see when a binding get's set so you can get a useful call-stack.

  • window.billy to conditional set debugger statements. example

    someView = Em.View.extend({
      buggyMethod : function(arguments){
           //only if window.billy is set the debugger is activated.
           //usefull when method is used a lot and only fails sometimes.
           if ( window.billy ) { debugger; }
           ..more code..
  • Problems with a View instance? To get a view instance in the console: lookup the id in the dom tree of the view element: <div id="ember667" class=​"ember-view" > loopup the view instance in the console with Em.view.views[found_id]

  • When I run into some error that does not provide any context about why my app crashes I disable more and more pieces of my app until I narrowed down the buggy code.

  • Avoid bugs with a proper coding style, style guide, and good names.

  • Avoid long functions and break them up.

  • In handlebar templates to figure out why your stuff does not get printed.

    • {{ log variable }}
    • {{ debugger }}
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