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I'm trying to automate an HTML Contextmenu that appears when I right click on an element. I'm using watin & IE 9. I have already tried the following:

    NameValueCollection props = new NameValueCollection();
    props.Add("button", "2");
    tc.FireEvent("click", props);
    tc.FireEvent("mousedown", props);
    tc.FireEvent("mouseup", props);

I just keep getting an invalid argument exception for these.

Any other suggestions for getting the contextmenu or solving this exception?

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Have you tried sending the right click through Interop?

eg Right click with SendKeys in .NET

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace WinApi
    public class Mouse
        private static extern void mouse_event(UInt32 dwFlags,UInt32 dx,UInt32 dy,UInt32 dwData,IntPtr dwExtraInfo);

        private const UInt32 MouseEventRightDown = 0x0008;
        private const UInt32 MouseEventRightUp = 0x0010;

        public static void SendRightClick(UInt32 posX, UInt32 posY)
            mouse_event(MouseEventRightDown, posX, posY, 0, new System.IntPtr());
            mouse_event(MouseEventRightUp, posX, posY, 0, new System.IntPtr());
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SendRightClick works fine but how to get the element x y coordinates with respect to screen using WatiN? –  rahoolm Aug 28 '14 at 10:02

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