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We're looking to add paid or "For-A-Fee" services to a web application. The application is built atop a Microsoft technology stack utilizing ASP.NET MVC 4, Web API, and SQL Server.

The target screen is the desktop. The tablet is secondary. Although this is not a "native" (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) application, it will likely be accessed from these devices, too.

The target market is educated (or at least value education), middle-income, family-oriented, English-speaking consumers in the US (potentially Europe).

The question - How would you have your users pay for access to the application?

I understand we could roll-our-own e-commerce solution. But, let's face it, that's unrealistic as there are many risks associated with a roll-your-own payment processing solution.

Can we utilize the various mobile markets? I don't see how this could be approved for the Windows or Android marketplaces since we're not really selling an application that installs on the user's device. We're just selling access to a web application that the user may access from a mobile device.

Someone suggested PayPal. Thoughts? I've never been a fan of PayPal as a consumer (doesn't feel trustworthy) and I've never integrated it as a developer.

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I guess its not the right kind of question to ask here. But not sure so not downvoting. stackoverflow.com/faq – Cracker Aug 9 '12 at 16:30

Have you considered a pay by service model,

This might assist in making this application more feasible for your customers by brining down the initial cost of the software and then offer a reduced price for this product, other options include offering discounts to loyal customers or returning customers or opt for members sponsors.

this options has been adopted for companies like Adobe and other larger organisation it is a really good model for making your application more accessible to your customers.

Advantages: You can continue to bring in stead income from the product and assist in the continual development and growth of your product / service.

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