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We're looking to add paid or "For-A-Fee" services to a web application. The application is built atop a Microsoft technology stack utilizing ASP.NET MVC 4, Web API, and SQL Server.

The target screen is the desktop. The tablet is secondary. Although this is not a "native" (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) application, it will likely be accessed from these devices, too.

The target market is educated (or at least value education), middle-income, family-oriented, English-speaking consumers in the US (potentially Europe).

The question - How would you have your users pay for access to the application?

I understand we could roll-our-own e-commerce solution. But, let's face it, that's unrealistic as there are many risks associated with a roll-your-own payment processing solution.

Can we utilize the various mobile markets? I don't see how this could be approved for the Windows or Android marketplaces since we're not really selling an application that installs on the user's device. We're just selling access to a web application that the user may access from a mobile device.

Someone suggested PayPal. Thoughts? I've never been a fan of PayPal as a consumer (doesn't feel trustworthy) and I've never integrated it as a developer.

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I guess its not the right kind of question to ask here. But not sure so not downvoting. – Cracker Aug 9 '12 at 16:30

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