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I am trying to conditionally format text data either 'red' or 'black' depending on whether it contains the character "-". The text is generated as a file and is an 'include' in the .shtml file.

Can you use a Regex pattern test in a conditional operator?

What am I doing wrong?

function colourful(a,b,c)
    var colour, pat, place,label,linkto;
    pat=new RegExp("-");
    place= a;
    label= b;

Example function calls;

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It looks like your RegExp comparison is correct. Could there be a different problem? What exactly is the problem you see? –  Aaron Kurtzhals Aug 9 '12 at 16:49

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You could use yourstring.indexOf("-") to test if a string contains a certain string/character. If it return -1 the string did not contain the character, otherwise it will return the index of the first occurence.

I guess your code would be:

colour = label.indexOf("-") === -1 ? "red" : "black";
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As Christofer Eliasson said, you can use indexOf. But if you want to use RegExp, you have search:

colour = label.search(/-/) === -1 ? "red" : "black";

And it works with strings too:

colour = label.search("-") === -1 ? "red" : "black";

But test() should work too. I have tried your code and it works for me.

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This works exactly as I wanted. Thanks. –  Haydn Rees Aug 10 '12 at 17:03

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