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I have 3 related models:

class Transaction
  include DataMapper::Resource    
  property :id, Serial     
  property :volume, Float
  property :deal_date, Date  
  belongs_to :buyer
  belongs_to :seller

class Seller
  include DataMapper::Resource    
  property :id,         Serial
  property :name,   String      
  has n, :transactions

class Buyer
  include DataMapper::Resource    
  property :id, Serial
  property :name,   String, :length => 255, :index => true, :unique => true
  has n, :transactions

I want make a query to tranactions with some conditions:

x < volume < y
a < deal_date < b
( like key_word OR like key_word )

How can I make OR condition between two LIKE with Datamapper?

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Simply query Transaction, but with query-paths to and

Transaction.all('' => keyword) | Transaction.all('' => keyword)
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But it creates SQL like: SELECT id, volume, deal_date, buyer_id, seller_id FROM transactions WHERE (id IN ? OR id IN ? ) GROUP BY id, volume, deal_date, buyer_id, seller_id ORDER BY id and executes very slow. But i need a query with JOINs and OR between LIKE in WHERE. – wazzzaby Aug 10 '12 at 10:22
Are you using MySQL by chance? MySQL does not fully support certain JOIN/sub-select optimizations, thus DataMapper has to resort to generating WHERE (id IN (.....)). – Postmodern Aug 12 '12 at 3:57

Maybe this would do:

key_word = '%blabla%'
trs = Transaction.all condition: [
        '   buyer_id IN (SELECT id FROM buyer WHERE name LIKE ?) 
         OR seller_id IN (SELECT id FROM seller WHERE name LIKE ?)', 
      key_word, key_word]
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