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I have a table called " Stat " in my MongoDB database in Rails 3 .

In that table, there is an array field called "services" .

I want to find all Stats that have a services array that contains the value "lights" .

I want to do something like this :

@stats = Stat.all
@stats1 =  @stats.where("services contains lights")
Rails.logger.info "result:  #{@stats1.count}  " 

I've tried various things and Googled it extensively, found some leads but nothing that seems to work. I have four records that should match this query but the above returns a zero set.

Is what I want to do possible in rails 3 / mongo ?

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What Object Mapper are you using to access MongoDB? If you are using the native Ruby driver it does not implement ActiveRecord; you would instead be doing a find() on a collection. –  Stennie Aug 11 '12 at 2:37

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Ok I found the answer to this question:

@stats = @stats.where(:services.in =>['lights'] )

and I also found by poking around that the inverse is :

@stats = @stats.where(:services.nin =>['lights'] )

"nin" instead of "in"

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