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After some time I tried working with node.js and socket.IO again, but it didn't work as expected:

My setup

  1. Downloaded node.js from github and compiled it on my external webserver running on debian squeeze
  2. Created a directory for the node.js project
  3. Added locally with npm
  4. Created socketIO_server.js and just added this single line of code:

    var socketIO = require('').listen(8000);
  5. Started the socketIO_server.js and console log says "info - started"

  6. Opening http://domain.tld:8000 gives the message "welcome to"

The Problem

When I try to access the client library by http://domain.tld:8000/ it gives also the message "welcome to", but the console log shows "served static content /". I have no idea why this happens! I though the nginx server running parallel causes this problem but stopping the server didn't change anything.

Thanks for reading and help!

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What version of and nodejs are you running? (Assuming the latest) right now. – travis Aug 9 '12 at 18:50 0.9.9, nodejs 0.9.1-pre – Cash2m Aug 9 '12 at 18:57
I did some digging and didn't find anything the stood out. I've linked to the relative part of the code. I don't have 0.9.1-pre installed but you could open up your node_modules directory and do some digging around the code. – travis Aug 9 '12 at 19:26
Ok, what I did meanwhile: I installed node.js/ also on my virtual machine and exactly ran into same problem when serving the client lib. Seems like a bug. Question: How do I apply changes on modifications on node_modules? "npm rebuild"? Just changed the "welcome to" message, but it still shows up the original one. – Cash2m Aug 9 '12 at 19:53
Any edits you make in the node_modules should be applied. Nodejs will look inside of node_modules for anything that is request via require. Did you restart the node process after applying the changes? EDIT: Found something interesting after grepping through all the files.… – travis Aug 9 '12 at 20:03
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This is caused by a commit made to the EventEmitter lib of nodejs in a recent change. I've opened an issue on


This issue has been fixed as of 0.9.12



Can not serve when listening on port. (node 0.9.1-pre, 0.9.9)

Due to a recent commit to node, you can no longer splice out event listeners. This causes to display the welcome message when trying to access the client file as the original event listener does not get removed.

Example breakage:

var socketIO = require('').listen(8000);

This breaks due to the way node 0.9.1-pre changed the way you can access listeners for the EventEmitter lib.

nodejs commit that breaks

Make EventEmitter.listeners(event) return a copy of the listeners array instead of the array itself.

EventEmitter.prototype.listeners = function(type) {
   if (!isArray(this._events[type])) {
     this._events[type] = [this._events[type]];
-  return this._events[type];   
+  return this._events[type].slice(0);

Relative code:

// reset listeners
this.oldListeners = server.listeners('request').splice(0);

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I ran into this problem a few days ago. Had to downgrade to v0.8.7 and it worked fine.

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