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When i add event listeners to account for touch events such as touchmove and touchstart

        document.addEventListener("touchstart", function(event){
            document.getElementById("fpsCounter").innerHTML = "touch start";
            trace("touch start");
        }, false);
        document.addEventListener("touchmove", function(event){
            var x = event.touches[0].pageX - getCanvasOffset().offsetLeft; 
            var y = event.touches[0].pageY - getCanvasOffset().offsetTop;

            document.getElementById("fpsCounter").innerHTML = "touch touchmove "+x+"  "+y;
            trace("touch touchmove");
        }, false);
        document.addEventListener("touchend", function(event){
            document.getElementById("fpsCounter").innerHTML = "touch end";
            trace("touch touch end");
        }, false);
        document.addEventListener("touchcancel", function(event){
            document.getElementById("fpsCounter").innerHTML = "touch cancel";
            trace("touch touch cancel");
        }, false);


touchMove works fine untill i start moving down, since the whole html page starts getting scrolled down by safari. When I release, the html page bounces back to its original position. No elements inside the html page spill outside of the boundry of the ipad. How could i prevent the browser's dragging html page functionality? i tries event.preventDefault() with no luck

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I don't think it's possible. Mobilesafari freezes the page when it scrolls –  PitaJ Aug 9 '12 at 17:57
it has to be possible, if it wasnt, then you wont be able to do drag and drop with html5 –  nuway Aug 9 '12 at 18:02
You can't on mobile, it interferes too much –  PitaJ Aug 9 '12 at 22:53

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You can try to cancel the event (move than just with preventDefault)

event.cancelBubble = true;
event.returnValue = false;
if (event.stopPropagation) event.stopPropagation();
if (event.preventDefault) event.preventDefault();
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