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I have a server running CentOS 6.3 with cPanel and I tried to install Mercurial with the command below:

rpm -Uvh http://pkgs.repoforge.org/mercurial/mercurial-2.2.2-1.el6.rfx.x86_64.rpm Retrieving http://pkgs.repoforge.org/mercurial/mercurial-2.2.2-1.el6.rfx.x86_64.rpm curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host 'apt.sw.be' error: skipping http://pkgs.repoforge.org/mercurial/mercurial-2.2.2-1.el6.rfx.x86_64.rpm - transfer failed

As you can see it failed but since I didn't have much time I just downloaded it then FTPd it to the server and installed it that way.

However, now that I try to clone a repository from another server it fails with the following error:

hg clone https://MYUSERNAME.kilnhg.com/Code/Repositories/Group/Connect http authorization required realm: kiln user: MYUSERNAME password: MYPASSWORD destination directory: Connect requesting all changes abort: error: Name or service not known

I'm guessing this error is related to the first but since I'm inexperienced with the server management I'm not too sure how to solve this one.

It's been suggested to me to "check the os repos to see that they are all online and working and replace any that are currently offline", but I'm not sure exactly how to go about this. Could someone point me in the right direction or have any other ideas about what the problem could be?

Keeping in mind it's a cPanel CentOS 6.3 server (VPS).

It's probably worth pointing out that on a virtual machine on my Ubuntu desktop I have CentOS installed (no cPanel though) and I set up mercurial without a problem, as well as on Ubuntu and Windows 7.

Thanks for your time.

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This is now solved.

After many hours of debugging and help from a friend I can now say that this was down to the nameservers set in resolv.conf

We found this solution because my friend also has a vps from the same company and managed to get mercurial running and clone my repo. Eventually we ended up comparing my resolve.conf with his, noticed the differences and replaced my one with his and it's now working.

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