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I created a stored procedure for my .NET project and it goes like this,

    @acID varchar(50),
    @pmCat varchar(50),
    @pmTitle varchar(50),
    @pmUsername varchar(50),
    @pmSiteURL varchar(100)
    SELECT * FROM pmPassword
    WHERE acID  = @acID and
    pmCat like '%' + @pmCat + '%' or
    pmTitle like '%' + @pmTitle + '%' or
    pmUsername like '%' + @pmUsername + '%' or
    pmSiteURL like '%' + @pmSiteURL + '%';

What I'm trying to accomplish is to select all records that match those fields except that they must be within acID. To further explain please take a look below;

 acID    pmCat      pmTitle    pmUsername       pmSiteURL  
 1      Windows     Google       MyName     
 2      Network     FTP          MyName  

Above should look like a table. I only want to show the items with acID = 1

Please take note that acID does auto increment whenever I add a record which is what I have accomplished in VB alone. acID is not a PK. My PK is pmID which is not included in the query because I have no use for it.

I am working with VB and SQL LocalDB (2012).

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AND has higher precendence than OR. You need to add parentheses to get what you want:

FROM pmPassword
WHERE acID = @acID
    pmCat LIKE '%' + @pmCat + '%' 
    OR pmTitle LIKE '%' + @pmTitle + '%'
    OR pmUsername LIKE '%' + @pmUsername + '%'
    OR pmSiteURL LIKE '%' + @pmSiteURL + '%'

Your query is interpreted as follows:

FROM pmPassword
WHERE (acID = @acID AND pmCat LIKE '%' + @pmCat + '%')
OR pmTitle LIKE '%' + @pmTitle + '%'
OR pmUsername LIKE '%' + @pmUsername + '%'
OR pmSiteURL LIKE '%' + @pmSiteURL + '%'
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Very fast! That solves it. Thank you. :) –  Aron Jay Aug 9 '12 at 18:52

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