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with the code below I get an image through a form on a html page, make some cuts in it and add another image to it, it's working perfectly.

I'm having problems with special characters in the name of the image that I got from the html form ...

In short, before you upload, crop images, move them, etc., I must treat their name ... removing blank spaces, remove accents, etc. ..

I tried to use some functions but without success .. Can someone give a help?

Here my code:


require( "./lib/WideImage.php");

// Example of accessing data for a newly uploaded file
$fileName = $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["name"]; 
$fileTmpLoc = $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["tmp_name"];
// Path and file name
$pathAndName = "cartelas/cart".$fileName;
// Run the move_uploaded_file() function here
$moveResult = move_uploaded_file($fileTmpLoc, $pathAndName);
// Evaluate the value returned from the function if needed

$image = WideImage::load($pathAndName);

$unh = WideImage::load("unh11.png");

$crop1 = $image->crop("25", "50", 111, 132);

$out1 = $crop1->merge($unh,'middle','middle');

$pathAndName1 = "unha-1-".$fileName;



echo "Imagens geradas:<BR>";
echo "<img src=./cartelas/estampa$pathAndName1><img src=./cartelas/$pathAndName1>";

Thank you!

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Try $newStr = preg_replace("/^[a-zA-Z0-9]*/", "_", $str); That will replace any non-alphanumerics with an underscore. – Matt Aug 9 '12 at 18:52

if u want to do it on php side you can do whatever you want with a filename. If you don't have to have exact same name you can use rawurlencode() or base64_encode(); or even md5() hash from the name. This should solve problems with weird names or special chars.

If u need store all this files u can do $newfilename = md5($filename) . '_' . time(); so they will be unique. You can add also user id or something like that.

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And what will happen if 2 different files with the SAME name get uploaded at the SAME time? – Jocelyn Aug 9 '12 at 21:21

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