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Can someone take a look at this. I think there is invalid UTF-8 characters when making this call.


If there a way around this? And is this the issue? I am writing a new open source screen scraper designed for product information capture (when a site does not supply a feed) before anyone says I am doing something a little shifty :-)

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Ok somthing strange... If this is changed to Nokogiri.parse(open(uri.to_s).read) all is fine. I need to find out why though. –  Dan Watson Aug 9 '12 at 19:30
What version of Ruby, Nokogiri and Open-URI are you using? I do not seem to be getting any errors. –  Justin Ko Aug 9 '12 at 20:43

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Before passing anything to Nokogiri, you can encode the content of the page, and ignore all invalid UTF characters using Iconv.

I was using it like this:

ic = Iconv.new('UTF-8//IGNORE', 'UTF-8')
valid_string = ic.iconv(open('http://example.com').read)

You can also check "Fixing invalid UTF-8 in Ruby, revisited."

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