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For a couple of days I am trying to connect to the TTS Ivona ( service using SOAP.

Below is the PHP example that works well:

function txtSpeechToFile($txt, $path) {
    $soapURL    = "";
    $user       = "";
    $pwd        = 'pass';

    $soap       = new SoapClient($soapURL);
    $token      = $soap->__soapCall('getToken', array('email' => $user));

    print gettype($token);

    $speechFile = $soap->__soapCall('createSpeechFile', array(
            'token'         => $token,
            'md5'           => md5(md5($pwd).$token),
            'text'          => $txt,
            'contentType'   => 'text/plain',
            'voiceId'       => 'gb_amy',
            'codecId'       => 'mp3/22050'

    $xx = file_get_contents($speechFile['soundUrl']);

    file_put_contents($path, $xx);

I am trying to run this in Perl like this:

use SOAP::Lite;
my $soap = SOAP::Lite->readable(1)->uri($urlPHP)->proxy($soapURL);
my $token = $soap->getToken({('email'=>$user)});
my $speechFile = $soap->createSpeechFile(
            'token'         => '$token',
            'md5'           => md5(md5($pwd) . '$token'),        
            'text'          => $input,      
            'contentType'   => 'text/plain',
            'voiceId'       => 'gb_amy',
            'codecId'       => 'mp3/22050'
print $speechFile;

I think $token is different from PHP's $token?

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Provide test credentials for this service so we can study how it works in order to come up with the appropriate SOAP::Lite code. Alternatively, use Wireshark to record a working PHP SOAP request/response and provide the log. – daxim Aug 10 '12 at 9:35
  1. There's no md5() in Perl by default. You must pull it in from Digest::MD5:

    use Digest::MD5 qw/ md5 md5_hex /;

    and later use md5() or md5_hex(); I believe you will need the latter.

  2. I'm not sure about what you need to pass to $soap->createSpeechFile(), but if it's to be hash reference (equivalent to associative array in PHP), I'd remove the extra level of parentheses.

    Or even nicer, define options in advance:

    my $opts = {            # $opts will hold a hash reference
        token       => $token,
        md5         => md5(md5($pwd) . $token),
        text        => $input,
        contentType => 'text/plain',
        voiceId     => 'gb_amy',
        codecId     => 'mp3/22050'

    The same accounts for $soap->getToken().

    Note the sugar: you don't have to use any quoting on the left side of x => "y" construct, if it's only one word ([_1-9a-zA-Z]+).

  3. I guess you don't want to pass the string $token (I mean a literal dollar followed by the word token), but rather the contents of the variable $token. In Perl, single quotes do not interpolate variables, so you might want to use double quotes; however there's no point in writing "$a" in Perl, you can always use an unquoted $a.

    This is already fixed in previous example.

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