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I am reading chapter 13 in Rails 3 in Action and I use a hash :methods => "last_ticket" in the respond_with method. However I don't understand what this does and where I find what options I can pass to respond_with. Can somebody tell me where I find it?

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Could you post a code block of what code looks like? – Olives Aug 9 '12 at 19:57

This doc explains about custom options that you can pass into respond_with. Excerpt from the doc:

respond_with also allows you to pass options that are forwarded to the underlying render call. Those options are only applied for success scenarios. 

In your case, I believe result of the successful request will be passed onto a method called "last_ticket"(defined in the same controller). This tutorial shows you some practical use as well as the meaning of respond_with What's New in Edge Rails: Cleaner RESTful Controllers w/ respond_with

Hope it helps

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