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I have some query like

WHERE isnull(retryCount,0)<3 
AND updatedOn < dateadd(MI,-5,getdate())

How to convert it to Criteria api calls? Point to use Criteria is to allow refactoring if fields names will be changed.

For simple things this is looks like

criteria.add(Restrictions.lt(JobTable.RETRYCOUNT_FULL, 3));

But what about my case?

criteria.add(Restrictions.lt(JobTable.UPDATEON_FULL, <???>);
criteria.add(Restrictions.lt( <someexpression(JobTable.RETRYCOUNT_FULL)> , 3));
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I'm not sure of the correct name but hibernate has some standard functions which are mapped to the dialects functions. They can be used like this

Projections.sqlFunction("dateadd", Projections.property("property"), Hibernate.dateTime);
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Hibernate Criteria API has Restrictions.sqlRestriction functions. In these functions you write your SQL the way you like and Hibernate embeds it in to your SQL.

criteria.add(Restrictions.sqlRestriction("isnull({alias}" + JobTable.RETRYCOUNT_FULL + ", 0) < ?", 3, new IntegerType());  
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