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I have a JSP MySQL query

<sql:query var="libraries" dataSource="jdbc/ArabiTagOnline"><br>
     SELECT l.LibraryId, v1.LAvalue AS "dbESTid", v2.LAValue AS "LibName", v3.LAValue AS "Desc" 
     FROM ((Library l LEFT JOIN LibAttrValue v1 ON l.LibraryId = v1.LibraryId AND v1.AttributeId = 1) 
     LEFT JOIN LibAttrValue v2 ON l.LibraryId = v2.LibraryId AND (v2.AttributeId = 2 OR v2.AttributeId IS NULL))
     LEFT JOIN LibAttrValue v3 ON l.LibraryId = v3.LibraryId AND (v3.AttributeId = 6 OR v3.AttributeId IS NULL)

This returns four columns. I tried to rename the columns in the results with AS but when iterating over the results

<c:forEach var="libraryResults" items="${libraries.rows}">

When loading the page, the columns dbESTid, LibName and Desc are blank.

I asked ${libraries.columnNames} and found out the AS statement in my query didn't rename the columns, they are all still LAValue. ${libraryResults.LAValue} only returns Desc. Any help on how I can populate this table?

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You don't need double quotes around column aliases in your SQL - that may be confusing the jdbc driver. Also, why the break tag within the <sql-query>?

Column aliasing should work. However, if the problem persists one possible workaround is to iterate over columns within each row:

<c:forEach var="libraryResults" items="${libraries.rows}">
    <c:forEach var="column" items="${libraryResults}">
      <td><c:out value="${column.value}"/></td>

That said, the real solution is, of course, to use an MVC framework so you don't have to embed your queries in JSP.

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