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I have come accross those grids and was wondering if they were any new ones (or recommended ones). Same about stores, I believe backbone as collection for instance. I'm looking for something similar and simple like Dojo implements it.

Basically, I want to have a JsonStore and pass this store to a grid (populated onDemand, so while I scroll ajax call are made).

In dojo, it looks something like this:



], function(

    var contentStore = Observable(Cache(JsonRest({
                        target:/* my url */, 
                        idProperty: "id",
                    }), Memory()));

    return declare([Grid, Keyboard, Selection, Hider], {
    store: contentStore,
    columns: {
        /* labels/columns names */
    loadingMessage: 'Loading data...',
    noDataMessage: 'No data found',
    getBeforePut: false

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I believe "Stable" for each plugin on that list should tell you how new or old they are. Arguably jQuery plugins won't be of a comparable quality as the Dojo dgrid. See this answer for some explanation why:

What happened to Dojo in 2008?

So my advice would be to rather look for opinions on some specific plugins from that list, maybe those with "Stable" most up to date?

As an alternative have a look at ExtJS project. It's not strictly speaking a jQuery plugin but it allows for easy interoperability with jQuery:

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