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I've noted that adding a non-static method to the class containing the main method in a java-application and then calling it from within the main-method, results in a compilation error. This I can understand, since this class is never instantiated.

However, adding a non-static method to an Applet-class and calling it from within, say, the paint method works fine. Why is this? Is the applet-class somehow instantiated by appletviewer, or is there another explanation as to why the former isn't allowed while the latter is?

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Did you notice paint is not a static method? ;) – oldrinb Aug 9 '12 at 20:55
I did actually, and yes, I see your point :) – andreasdr Aug 9 '12 at 21:16
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Is the applet-class somehow instantiated by appletviewer

Absolutely. See the "Life Cycle of an Applet" section of the Applets tutorial. In particular:

As a result of the applet being loaded, you should see the text "initializing... starting...". When an applet is loaded, here's what happens:

  • An instance of the applet's controlling class (an Applet subclass) is created.
  • The applet initializes itself.
  • The applet starts running.
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