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I have a method that calls and load my combobox. Once the call is made, i then added "All" to be first on the combobox. Unfortunately when this is added to the list, "All" takes the index of 0 which messes everything up. The selectedindex should be "a" as from the table. Is there a way to set "All" to be -1 as the index? What might be the best way to still have "a" as an index of 0 instead of an index of 1?

private void Load()
    List<string> all = dataSource.GetAll();

    if (all.Count > 1)


            foreach (var item in all)
            cbAll.SelectedIndex = 0;

table ITEM result

0 -- a
1 -- b
2 -- c
3 -- d
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Don't rely on the selected index, bind the ItemsSource to an ObservableCollection<T> and bind the SelectedItem to a property of type T and use the bound property to read the selection.

If you need the display value to differ from the selected value then wrap them in a small class:

public class Item
  public int Code { get; set; }
  public string Display { get; set; }

Then your ItemsSource is bound to a property:

public ObservableCollection<Item> Items { get; set; }

public int Selection { get; set; }

Your DisplayMemberPath will be Display

Your SelectedValuePath will be Code

And your Xaml for the CombobBox will look like:

          ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Items}" 
          SelectedValue="{Binding Path=Selection}"/>
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The index of the items in a combobox is zero based, so there is no way you can add an item at "-1". A selected index of "-1" means that you don't have any item selected.

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/system.windows.controls.primitives.selector.selectedindex.aspx

Gets or sets the index of the first item in the current selection or returns negative one (-1) if the selection is empty.


Setting SelectedIndex in a Selector that supports multiple selections clears existing selected items and sets the selection to the item specified by the index. SelectedIndex returns -1 if selection is empty.

If you set SelectedIndex to a value less that -1, an ArgumentException is thrown. If you set SelectedIndex to a value equal or greater than the number of child elements, the value is ignored.

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