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I'm trying to use powershell to test network connectivity to a list of servers, then dump to a text file ONLY if it returns true. What happens with my code is it includes servers that did not ping. Here's what I have:

$servers = Get-Content c:\script\servers.txt
foreach($server in $servers)
Test-Connection $server -count 1 -quiet
    if ($True){out-file -InputObject $server, $True -Encoding ASCII -Width 50 -Append c:\scriptoutput.txt}
    else { write-host "server $server could not be contacted"}

Now what I see in the output file is


But what I see on the console is this:

PS C:\> C:\test.ps1

Server 3, which doesn't exist and therefore can't be pinged, still shows up as True in the output file, but reads False in the console. What gives?

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$True is always true.... the else statement is never reached! – CB. Aug 9 '12 at 21:17
Brilliant! I knew it was something silly. I fixed it with by using: if ($entry -eq "True") {out-file -InputObject $server, $True -Encoding ASCII -Width 50 -Append c:\scriptoutput.txt} – John Aug 9 '12 at 21:20
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Not only is the else statement never reached, but you're always outputting true to the file. Try this instead:

$servers = Get-Content c:\script\servers.txt
foreach ($server in $servers)
    $connected = Test-Connection $server -count 1 -quiet
    if ($connected) {
        $server,$connected | Out-File -Enc ASCII -Width 50 -Append c:\scriptoutput.txt
    else { 
        write-host "server $server could not be contacted"
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Awesome! I like your approach. Last night I realized that I was always outputting true, so I just took it off. Your idea is better! – John Aug 10 '12 at 13:04

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