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Hi I have a table which has some cells in, one cell has a 0 in so I want to change that to a No, the other has a 1 in so I want to change that to a Yes but I cannot seem to get it working, here is what I have thus far:

if ($('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text('0')) {

    $('.fsAction td:eq(2)').html('No');

} elseif ($('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text('1')) {

    $('.fsAction td:eq(2)').html('Yes');


Am I missing something? I can't use val as these aren't form areas

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just an optimization tip: since you call it so often, set $('.fsAction td:eq(2)') to a variable so your element only has to be found once. – MrOBrian Aug 9 '12 at 21:49

.text() will get the text value, and '.text('0') will set the text to '0'. try comparing the text.

if ($('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text() === '0') {

    $('.fsAction td:eq(2)').html('No');

} elseif ($('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text() === '1') {

    $('.fsAction td:eq(2)').html('Yes');

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You have one of two problems here. Either your selector is bad, or your method is bad. I'd try to eliminate the possibility of a selector issue by adding a class name to the table cell in question and doing just

if ($('.tablecelltest').text() == '0') {
elseif ($('.tablecelltest').text() == '1') {

If that doesn't work, you have a selector issue. I might try this, as sometimes a pure text selector will give me trouble:


If that doesn't work, we'd probably need to see a jsfiddle or something of the like.

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You're setting the text value when you're calling text('0'). To get the text value, you need to call the function without any paramters, as in text(). Try this:

if ($('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text() == "0") {
    $('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text('No');
} else if ($('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text() == "1") {
    $('.fsAction td:eq(2)').text('Yes');

Also, notice I changed the function for replacing the textual content from html() to text(). Since you're not actually putting in any HTML, text() is the better and faster approach.

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Try this :-)

var elem = $('.fsAction td:eq(2)');
elem.text() == '0' ? str = 'No' : str = 'Yes';
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Thanks guys but none of those appear to work,

I have multiple 1's and 0's which need replacing but they only change the first one thats to No, the first one is a 0

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