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I need to loop over a list of pathnames and image names and verify that the file exists and is a jpg/png, before changing it's size and storing it to the server.

I want to use this:

   <cffile result="upload" action="upload" accept="image/jpeg, image/png" destination="#tempDirectory#" nameconflict="overwrite" />
    <cfset testFilePath = tempDirectory & upload.serverFile>
    <cfimage name="tempFile" action="read" source="#testFilePath#" />
    <cfif NOT isImageFile( testFilePath ) >
        <cfset fileDelete( testFilePath ) />
        <cfthrow type="FileNotFound" message="#tx_settings_icons_error_img#" />
    <cfelseif NOT listfindnocase(allow, upload.serverfileext) >
        <cfset fileDelete( testFilePath ) />
        <cfthrow type="FileNotFound" message="#tx_settings_icons_error_file#" />

But my problem is, I don't know how to upload a file from a path like


Can I just read the image, perform my validation and then store to disk or do I need to upload the image first. I will have to loop through a list of 500 images and am reading cffile action="read" shouldn't be used with large files. What would be an alternative to check image files for correct type, isImageand file extension?

Thanks for help!

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I generally use cfhttp to read the image and verify that I have it, then convert to a valid cfimage object and do my manipulations then. You can see my process in the answer to this question.

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Thanks. THis looks good. –  frequent Aug 10 '12 at 7:14

Use cfimage to read the file from a URL. Set the source to be that URL. Then, you can write that to disk locally.

Code example:

<cfset imageData = ImageRead("http://tutorial28.learncf.com/img/bgHead.png") />
<cfimage action="write" source="#imageData#" destination="#expandPath('test.png')#" />
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ok. thanks for the hint! –  frequent Aug 9 '12 at 22:03

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