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I used git svn (version 1.7.10.msysgit.1) to check out a repository using the following steps:

In a fresh directory using git bash on windows 7

1) git svn init "https://source/svn/repository/...pathToRepo..../trunk" (I only care about the trunk - the repo is too massive to take entirely and I have no use for it all).

2) git svn fetch -r HEAD (because I don't care about any history either)

My problem is that while this appears to work and exits cleanly, a couple of files are missing in my version! If I use tortoise-svn to check out the repo, I get everything. I would have expected both of them to return the same results. The missing files are a few python files and some .png files. The set of missing files is always the same. I can't think of any reason that these files would be special. They are spread across a few directories, and I am using kdiff3 (and manually verifying) that they are indeed different.

EDIT: They were svn externals

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Does git svn show-ignore return any of them? –  Christopher Aug 10 '12 at 12:42
No, they don't show up there –  newmanne Aug 10 '12 at 13:55

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git-svn doesn't support externals out-of-the-box. This answer describes a workaround that may work for you.

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This seems to be the sort of thing I'd be looking for. I am using git svn at work and everyone else is using svn. So my requirements would be not only a script that will recursively find and clone all the externals, but that will also allow me to keep those externals up to date when I rebase (or by running some script every now and again). Any reccomendations based on experience? –  newmanne Aug 10 '12 at 23:28

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