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how can missing values be specified when calling pdist in scipy? i.e. the function described here:


for example if you have:

pdist(X, "euclidean")

but X might contain missing values like the string "NA" and you want those to be excluded in pairwise comparisons among X's columns. the behavior i'm looking for is to not consider missing values when getting the euclidean distance between any pair of columns in X.

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The best way is to fill your X array with np.nan for the points to be excluded. For example, assuming a 2D case with a X a (10,2) array:

import numpy as np
X = np.random.rand(10, 2)

Let's assume you want to exclude X[7] from the calculation:

X[7] = np.nan
my_dist = pdist(X, "euclidean")

Then, you'll see that my_dist has 'nan' for the pairs that involved calculating distance with the excluded element. You can exclude multiple elements.

A better idea would be to use a numpy masked array, but pdist ignores masked arrays and uses the data anyway. However, once you have the output my_dist, you can convert it to a masked array so that the nans don't get in the way of future array operations:

my_dist = np.ma.array(my_dist, mask = ~np.isfinite(my_dist))
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