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I'm trying to send SMS using a USB modem (I have a D-Link Usb Modem). I just found SmsLib but what I don't know is how to use a USB modem. The examples I have found are for Serial Modems and I did not found any example for a USB modem. Do I need to map the usb port as a serial port ? Using what ? My modem is supported by SmsLib. Do you have any idea about how to configure a USB modem with SmsLib ?

(I have a MacBook).

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No MacBook experience, but here are the steps in Linux.

  1. use dmesg to find the name given the modem by the OS, e.g. /dev/ttyACM0
  2. ln -sf /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyS0
  3. use ls to ensure that /dev/ttyS0 is writable by you
  4. update javax.comm.properties with /dev/ttyS0 (when using Java Comm)
  5. patch /dev/ttyS0 into the send and receive examples

Java Comm doesn't seem to support OS/X but RxTx does. HTH. Good luck!

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all USB modem are available in system as COM (serial port). if OS is windows, open device manager and check modem properties. port number is visible there. i am using one and it is functioning well with SMSLib based java app.

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