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I find myself googling how to do this once every few weeks when it would come in handy, but I never seem to remember. How do you highlight a rectangular selection in Xcode?

enter image description here

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Hold down the Option key while clicking and dragging.

Normal copy and paste rules (command-c and command-v) apply when doing a vertical highlight / block select.

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I can copy it, but when I paste it, it doesn't paste it in "block" mode. It pastes the text normally and reaaligns all of the succeeding lines. Have you found a way to paste the text vertically too? – hopia Feb 26 '13 at 18:19
AFAIK as I know you can't paste into a vertical block. If you figure out how though, please share. – Kyle Clegg Feb 26 '13 at 18:50
@KyleClegg, It certainly used to be possible. Pasting a selection would intelligently paste each line on subsequent line at the same column. I'm sure there are still some applications I use that do it but I can't remember which! – James Webster May 18 at 8:13
It was also possible to e.g. select a single word, then rectangular-select a column. Pasting would then paste multiple instances of the selected word. – James Webster May 18 at 8:14

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