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I have three models:

  • User
  • File
  • Download

User has_many Files, File belongs_to User

File has_many Downloads, Download belongs_to User

Is there any way to retrieve all a User's Downloads, without iterating through all Files, then retrieving the Downloads associated with each file? (this would generate lots of queries)


I've found a way of loading a User, it's Files and Downloads in just 3 queries

user = User.includes(:uploads => [:downloads]).find(1)

However, what if I already have a User object?

And what if I just want to load the users downloads without loading their uploads? (using a join)


Download.joins(:upload => :user).where(:users  => { :id => })

Is there a way of doing this having the reference the users table primary key directly?

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have you tried

class User
  has_many :downloads, :through => :files
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Wonderful, thanks. – Cameron Martin Aug 10 '12 at 0:12

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