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I spent the last week reading and re-reading the pugixml documentation and I can find no method of retrieving the PCDATA with xpath.

Please explain would I pull the text from title:


Last time I asked this question the only answers I got referred to generic xpath queries, rather than specifically to the pugixml library functions. I've read the xpath documentation thoroughly, so don't worry about educating me about it.


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const char* text = doc.select_single_node("html/head/title/text()").node().value();
  • select_single_node selects the PCDATA node
  • .node() converts from xpath_node to xml_node (this is necessary since XPath nodes are either xml nodes or attributes)
  • .value() gets the value of the node (i.e. text).
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What I did when I was fetching PCDATA i first found the node, and after that I called

node = retrive_xml_node_from_xpath();

So for the example you show create an xpath to find the title node, and then get its first childs value.

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