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I am working with EF generic repository and have this function.

public IEnumerable<T> Query(Expression<Func<T, bool>> filter)
        return objectSet.Where(filter);

It is working fine and before I have used this function in a class like this:

 private void BindProbabationPeriod()
        ddlProbabationPeriod.DataSource = context.PeriodRepository.Query(a => a.EntityId == selectedEntityId);
        ddlProbabationPeriod.ValueMember = "Id";
        ddlProbabationPeriod.DisplayMember = "ProbabationPeriod";

Because I just have started using LINQ I don't have a good hand on it. Can you please guide me how I should add and (& with condition) in this condition. I want to modify it and add another condition that Name columns should not be empty.

Please note this instance is Period so repository is PeriodRepository.

context.PeriodRepository.Query(a => a.EntityId == selectedEntityId and a.Name!=null);
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This should work:

context.PeriodRepository.Query(a => a.EntityId == selectedEntityId && a.Name != null);
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this will also work

context.PeriodRepository.Query(a => a.EntityId == selectedEntityId).Where(a =>  a.Name != null);
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