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I am new to Hbase. Now I have a simple question : what's the difference between regionserver and quorumpeer. Regionservers list is in the file regionserver and quorumpeer should be configured in HBase_site.xml. I guessed regions of a Hbase table can only be stored in region servers but I have no idea with quorumpeer. Should any node of hbase cluser be regionserver and quorumpeer at the same time? If you know, please explain to me. Thanks!

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For hBase to work it needs Zookeeper so that the regionServers and Hmaster can communicate and transfer data. CHeck this out You need to have a quorum of Zookeeper servers running (generally 3 or 5) You have to list the nodes where Zk servers are running in the hbase.zookeeper.quorum property in HBase-site.xml

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