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I have a Groovy class like so:

class Person {

    String firstName
    String lastName
    Status status = StatusEnum.ACTIVE

And I'm creating an instance of it with an object initializer:

def person = new Person(
    firstName: "Bob", lastName: "Yelo", status: StatusEnum.INACTIVE)

However, this doesn't modify the person's status and it remains as ACTIVE. I have to explicitly declare it:

person.status = StatusEnum.INACTIVE

Which properly sets the status. Does anyone know why I have to explicitly set it?

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I'm guessing it's having something to do with the type of the field being Status rather than StatusEnum?

Declaring it like this worked as you're suggesting it should groovy console:

enum StatusEnum {

class Person {
    String firstName
    String lastName
    StatusEnum status = StatusEnum.ACTIVE

def person = new Person(firstName: "Bob", lastName: "Yelo", status: StatusEnum.INACTIVE)

assert StatusEnum.INACTIVE == person.status
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