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I've been using JavaFX now for a few months and have a question regarding CSS and Charts. I have a stacked bar chart and I have several series I use - lets say they're series A, B, C, D and E. When I generate the chart not all of the series will be in the chart, for example some charts may have A, B and C, others will have just B and E where another could have all 5. Basically I am programmatically generating the series based upon the dataset I am working with.

So in this case I want the color of the series to be the same on each chart. When I generate these, if I only have B and E the css class names that reflect the colors of these are:

.default-color0.chart-bar and .default-color1.chart-bar - and here these simply set the color of the series order - so series 1 will get the "..color0.chart.." definition, series 2 "..color1.chart.." etc. And when I don't know before I process the data which one will be first I will need to set these dynamically in the code.

The only solution I've found for this is to set the stylesheet of the stacked bar chart to a CSS file I created pre-compile. And this works well, and below is an example of how I would do this in code.


The only problem is because a series in position 1 is not known, I would have to create CSS files of each permutation of possible series and I know this is a bad solution.

I've looked everywhere on a way to set the series CSS dynamically at run-time but have not found this - is there way to do this. Basically wanting to set the following CSS class definitions as so:

.default-color0.chart-bar { -fx-bar-fill: #<a color I would set at runtime>; }
.default-color1.chart-bar { -fx-bar-fill: #<a color I would set at runtime>; }

Any help would be appreciated.

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After the chart has been shown on the Stage:

for (Node n: chart.lookupAll(".default-color0.chart-bar")) n.setStyle("-fx-bar-fill: azure;");
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Thank you SO much jewelsea - I even tried this method above before without luck (sorry for not writing that now that I think about it). But the key to your post was where you wrote "After the chart has been shown on the Stage:" - that was it. My code before was looking for this before it was rendered on the stage. Thank you again so much. – user1589081 Aug 10 '12 at 12:11
I have another question jewelsea - is there a way to programatically determine when a chart has been shown on the Stage? For the stacked bar chart this is working well, but I have another situation with piecharts that isn't working because it's executing before the pie chart is rendered/shown on the stage. – user1589081 Aug 11 '12 at 5:47
Good question - ask it on StackOverflow or the Oracle JavaFX forum. I don't know the answer. In the past I have used a Timeline to delay processing until a node was probably displayed (see a sample). – jewelsea Aug 11 '12 at 7:40
Thank you again -I have searched the API for any event I could use but didn't find one. Here is what I did learn here. – user1589081 Aug 11 '12 at 9:03

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