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The table I'm trying to query is named is cache.dashboardstats

my model is:

class Dashboard < Sequel::Model(:dashboardstats)
 set_schema do
    set_primary_key :dashboardstatid

This creates a select * from "dashboardstats";

How do I define the owner/schema of "cache" so that my query becomes:

select * from cache."dashboardstats";

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You can use a double underscore inside a symbol, or one of the qualify methods to represent a qualified identifier:

Sequel.qualify(:cache, :dashboardstats)

You would use this in your model code like:

class Dashboard < Sequel::Model(:cache__dashboardstats)

Note that I left out your set_schema call. You should never call set_schema unless you are calling create_table or a similar method, as otherwise it does nothing. set_primary_key inside set_schema doesn't do what you think, and Sequel can usually determine the primary key correctly, so it's not normally specified manually.

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You rock! Thanks dude! –  Gator Aug 10 '12 at 19:54

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