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Here's what my server says:

date('c') = 2012-08-09T22:11:13-04:00
time() = 1344564673

Within 10 seconds, here's what http://www.unixtimestamp.com says:


1344568431 EST (-5 GMT + DST when appropriate)
1344564831 UTC (GMT)

...seconds since Jan 01 1970. 
This translates to current server time of 08/09/2012 @ 10:13pm in EST.

... and when I type my server's time stamp of 1344564673 into unixtimestamp's converter I get:

TIME STAMP: 1344564673
DATE (M/D/Y @ h:m:s): 08 / 09 / 12 @ 9:11:13pm EST

... My server's off by almost an hour, right? Or am I missing something? (I don't care if it's off by a few minutes)

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Your time appears correct (within a few minutes).

It appears that unixtimestamp.com isn't taking DST into effect, which it is right now in EST. That's why their time is off by an hour from what you get from PHP.

Instead try epochconverter.com which does handle DST.

Just FYI in case you didn't already know: time() always returns timestamps in UTC. When you output them in PHP using date(), the output is reflected in the timezone currently set in PHP. This can be set in php.ini using the date.timezone setting, and you can switch it at runtime using date_default_timezone_set().

Hope that helps.

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