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I am using httrack to download this website:

However, the problem is that the author has link back to the main page on every page of his website

For example

The Parent Directory Link Redirect to the main page and the software start downloading again

How do I prevent this loop from happening?

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Read the answer to the question on the link provided below:

"I have duplicate files!What's going on?"


Also have a look at the "Filters:Advanced" on following link:

It may help you on your issue.

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You can use filters to stop HTTRACK from downloading same files or folders. You can do this by clicking the "Set options" button in front of the "Preferences and Mirror options" label, then opening the "Scan Rules" tab and then the "Exclude links" button to set the rules as you want.

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Yeah, did that but it didn't work out. Still looping at the – Joe Jorgensen Aug 10 '12 at 5:46

This is generally the case for top indexes (index.html and index-2.html).

This is a common issue, but that can not be easily avoided!

For example, and might be the same pages. But if links in the website refers both to and, these two pages will be caught. And because must have a name, as you may want to browse the website locally (the / would give a directory listing, NOT the index itself!), HTTrack must find one. Therefore, two index.html will be produced, one with the -2 to show that the file had to be renamed.

It might be a good idea to consider that and are the same links, to avoid duplicate files, isn't it? NO, because the top index (/) can refer to ANY filename, and if index.html is generally the default name, index.htm can be choosen, or index.php3, mydog.jpg, or anything you may imagine. (some webmasters are really crazy)

Note: In some rare cases, duplicate data files can be found when the website redirect to another file. This issue should be rare, and might be avoided using filters.

See also: Updating a project

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