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I have table Context and Criteria with many-to-many relationship, so I created DetailsContext table that stored ID from each table.

Then, Context table is empty and Criteria is master table

I have form to insert a context, firstly I inserted Context table to get an ID (autoincrement) than I selected ID table Context and Criteria by order ID DESC to get latest ID. Then I inserted to DetailsContext table.

Is't ok I just use SELECT ID FROM CONTEXT ORDER BY ID DESC to get latest ID? I afraid it didn't work when many users is accessed together.

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Define "didn't work" – zerkms Aug 10 '12 at 3:46
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If I understand your question correctly, then according to MySQL documentation, you can get the last ID that was inserted into the table with SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() as long as the id is autogenerated and you are inserting one row per INSERT statement.

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